The Nokia Lumia line has little to boast on the spec sheet… so why… why do we want one?

Nokia have been clever with the Lumia. The design is certainly not to everyone’s taste, but by standing out from the crowd, it manages to catch peoples attention. That’s half the battle. Once you become aware of a device that bucks the design trend without looking frankly monstrous (we’re thinking back to the days of the N-Gage here), then chances are, you’re going to want to check it out.

That’s where Nokia seal the deal.

If you haven’t tried Windows Phone on the Lumia 900, you’re missing out. The visuals are very simple, animations are buttery smooth and it just works (yeah we just said that). It’s glossy, it’s slick, it’s very different, in short… it’s the nicest OS experience we’ve had since picking up Cupertino’s mobile-revolution-breeding devices for the first time. Add that to the fact that they’re cheaper to own than almost every high-end handset out there and it’s not difficult to see why they’re almost single-handedly rescuing Nokia from the financial abyss.

Yes it’s got a single core processor, yes it’s got half the RAM of most of its competitors, no it doesn’t have a high def display. But it doesn’t matter. The Lumia manages to engage customers with its looks and convince them of its greatness without so much as a nod towards the spec sheet. It’s a refreshing strategy. And it’s working.

The Lumia is a breath of fresh air. Keep it up Nokia.